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Alireza Khalilian

Ph.D. Candidate in

Software Engineering










  • akhalilian AT gmail DOT com (preferred for any contact)
  • akhalilian AT ymail DOT com (regularly checked)
  • info AT khalilian DOT net (forwards to the 1st email)
  • khaliliyan AT shariaty DOT ac DOT ir (formal, not for students)
  • khalilian AT eng DOT ui DOT ac DOT ir (formal, not for students)



  • 2015/07/19 - My new book is under final preparation: Fundamental Concepts of Business Intelligence, Techniques, and Tools. Anticipated to be published at the end of summer, in Persian
  • 2015/06/01 - The 3rd publishment of the Design and Implementation of Programming Languages, with the solutions to the questions of 93 and 94 exams, in Press
  • 2014/11/20 - Principles of Database Design, with Pouran Pazhoohesh, in Persian







Previous Research Areas                                                                                   

  • Systems and Software Performance Evaluation
  • Cellular Automata, 2011-2012
  • Face Recognition in Presence of Uncontrolled Conditions, 2010-2012

Active Research Plans and Interests                                                                

  • I love Software! (but not like this or this) and Software Engineering
  • Advanced Algorithms: Randomized Algorithms, Approximation Algorithms, Genetic Algorithms, Ant Colony Algorithms
  • Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems
  • Web Structure Mining, 2012-
  • Reinforcement Learning, 2012-


  • Best Paper AwardNational Conference on Software System's Security (SoftSec2014)
  • Outstanding Teacher Award, Computer Department of the University of Applied Science and Technology, 2009, 2010, 2011
  • Outstanding Student Award as An Undergraduate Student, 2000

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