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I'm Alireza Khalilian, a Ph.D. candidate in Software Engineering (SE) at the University of Isfahan (UI) under the supervision of Prof. Ahmad Baraani-Dastjerdi, and Dr. Bahman Zamani, as my advisor, started in 2013. I have received my MSc and BSc degrees, both in SE, in 2009 and 2003, respectively. I'm also a faculty member of computer engineering at the Islamic Azad University. I have published more than 44 peer-reviewed papers in international conferences and journals. I have also written three books for undergraduate computer software engineering courses in Persian. I'm the recipient of several honors and awards such as distinguished teacher, researcher, and the best paper award, all in 2014. I'm skilled in programming with C-based languages as well as in database design. I have worked as a developer, database designer, Oracle developer, and also as an IT consultant in the past 15 years. In addition, I have more than 10 years of experience in teaching undergraduate computer engineering courses, including Compiler Construction, Programming Languages, Design and Implementation, Database Design, and Information Security.

Recent Work                                                                                                         


  • The Fifth Edition of Principles of Database Design, with Pouran Pazhoohesh, Mar. 2019in Persian

Honors and Awards                                                                                                

  • Distinguished TeacherShariaty Technical College, 2012, 2018
  • Distinguished Researcher, Shariaty Technical College, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014
  • Distinguished Developer, Asre Danesh Afzar Co., 2004
  • Outstanding Student Award as An Undergraduate Student, 2000
  • Best Paper Award, National Conference on Software System's Security (SoftSec2014)


Active Research Plans and Interests                                                                  

  • I am greatly interested in my field: Software and Software Engineering, particularly:
    • Automated Program (or Software) Repair (APR, ASR)
    • Software Regression Testing
    • Software Test Oracles
    • Defect Prediction and Fault Proneness
    • Benchmarks for Program Analysis, Software Testing and Debugging, Fault Localization (FL), and Bug Fix
    • Software Evolution and Change Analysis
    • Program Comprehension and Measurement
    • Mining Software Repositories (MSR)
    • Empirical Software Engineering
    • Search-Based Software Engineering (SBSE)
    • Genetic Improvement (GI) of Software
    • Information and Software Security
      • Malware Detection
      • Software Piracy Detection (SPD)
    • Model-Driven Software Engineering (MDSE)
    • Model Transformation Languages (MTL)
    • Software Language Engineering (SLE)
    • Programming Languages, Design and Implementation (PLDI)
    • Systematic Literature Reviews (SLR) and Systematic Mapping Studies (SMS)
  • Data Science, Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems

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