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  • akhalilian AT ymail DOT com (regularly checked)
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ORCID ID: 0000-0002-4079-703X

ResearcherID: H-8242-2015


I'm Alireza Khalilian, a PhD candidate of Computer Software Engineering (CSE) at the University of Isfahan (UI) under the supervision of Dr. Ahmad Baraani-Dastjerdi, started in 2013. I have received my MSc and BS degrees, both in CSE, in 2009 and 2003 respectively.

I'm skilled in programming with C-based languages and database design. I have worked as developer, database designer, Oracle developer, and also as an IT consultant in the past 11 years. In addition, I have more than seven years of experience in teaching undergraduate computer engineering courses namely Compiler Construction, Programming Languages, Design and Implementation, Database Design, Information Security, Data Mining, and Data Structures and Algorithms. 

I have published more than 27 papers in prestigious international conferences and journals including Tests and Proofs (TAP) and Science of Computer Programming (SCP). Besides, I have written two books for undergraduate computer software engineering courses in Persian, namely as Programming Languages Design and Implementation and Principles of Database Design. I believe that these sets of (ongoing) publications merit closer attention.

I'm the recipient of several honors and awards such as distinguished teacher, researcher, and best paper award, all in 2014.

My specific research interests include automated techniques for software testing and debugging, software security, model-driven software engineering (MDSE), programming languages, compiler construction, and data mining.

Beyond my academic background, research activities, and business skills, I love every home-made traditional Iranian food such as CHELO-KABAB, ASH-E-SHOLEH-GHALAMKAR, KOOFTEH-TABRIZI, ABGOUSHT, BERYOUNI, MIRZA-GHASSEMI, to name just a few selection! I also love bicycle riding, playing piano, and swimming.

To note that I gave multiple sources of evidence to the recognition of my skills, interests, and personal character within the pages of my website, to the best of my ability. I leave deeper scrutiny in my particularities as an avenue of further investigation for the interested visitor.







Active Research Plans and Interests                                                                

  • I love Software! (but not like this or this) and Software Engineering
  • Advanced Algorithms: Randomized Algorithms, Approximation Algorithms, Genetic Algorithms, Ant Colony Algorithms
  • Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems
  • Web Structure Mining, 2012-
  • Reinforcement Learning, 2012-


  • Best Paper AwardNational Conference on Software System's Security (SoftSec2014)
  • Outstanding Teacher Award, Computer Department of the University of Applied Science and Technology, 2009, 2010, 2011
  • Outstanding Student Award as An Undergraduate Student, 2000


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